First Teambuilding in 2024 Comes to a Close

February 16, 2024 by
Kaleigh Downing

Our first team building in 2024 geared up the last week of January for an exciting week of joint activities and hard work. Informative sessions and hackathons fill the week and allow team members to dig deeper into R&D and design new innovative features. As well as daily activities like board games, bowling, and lightning talks.  

With the round table ready, we welcomed new and familiar faces. We started with the successes and challenges we encountered over the past year. This session serves as a valuable opportunity to celebrate individual and team accomplishments and provide essential context for the new 2024 goals. Afterward, with a fresh perspective, each department unveiled its roadmap for the upcoming year. Team members gained insights into the strategic plans, goals, and initiatives that drive their efforts in 2024. This collaborative approach ensures alignment across the organization, enabling unity and a shared vision. 

The highlight of the week was an exclusive tour of the data center, Unix-Solutions, that we moved to earlier this year. Team members were excited to learn more about the infrastructure and networking that powers our operations. Both technical and non-technical people alike were astonished by the meticulously organized infrastructure, with neatly stacked cables and cages adding to the appeal. The enthusiasm and knowledge of our guide further improved the experience, making the tour even more engaging and insightful.No team building event is complete without indulging in some delightful culinary experiences. While our cooking course was sadly canceled, it didn't stop us from having a celebration. Our team gathered at De Hoorn in Leuven, devouring mouthwatering burgers and steaks that fueled the rest of the week's events and discussions.  

We organize three larger events so the company can come together in the office to be active and converse. Interested in our earlier events? Check out the two blogs from last year:  

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Kaleigh Downing February 16, 2024
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