Inmanta’s Epic Year-end Teambuilding: Raising the Bar for 2024

October 3, 2023 by
Kaleigh Downing

Our international team at Inmanta recently came together for our final team building event of the year! Instead of the usual grind, we mixed things up with different activities that took us out of our comfort zones. Here’s a glimpse into the incredible experience.

From office insights to thrilling challenges 

We started our week by gathering around the table to discuss schedules, personal updates and the latest state of Inmanta. The first team meeting got us excited and ready for the busy week ahead.  We gained a deeper understanding of the different team responsibilities through workshops and exchanging insights during casual lunch talks. Of course, it wasn’t all work and no play.  

Our after-work activities spanned a wide range, from scaling boulders to belting out our favourite tunes at karaoke nights and challenging each other through various board games. And, of course, we couldn’t resist the allure of Belgian beer, alcohol or zero percentages alike. There was a beer or activity for everyone to participate at their own pace.  

Midway through the week, we embarked on a physically and mentally demanding adventure at Warredal. Individual and group challenges pushed us to our limits, revealing the true strength of our teams. It was a nail-biting competition as we wouldn’t know the winning team until the end of the challenges. We worked hard to overcome the rope course, mazes, scaling a wall, and all the mental puzzles. The sense of accomplishment we felt upon completing these challenges was immeasurable. The victors celebrated by taking a tube down a slide for a final plunge into the water.

Raising our glasses to success

As day turned into night, we sat down for a well-deserved celebration feast. We raised our glasses not just for individual achievements but also for the incredible strides we’ve made with Inmanta. 

As we wrapped up the final team building event of the year, we thought back about the impact of our earlier events. Whether it’s exploring Leuven with chocolate and beer tasting, competing in highland games, or tackling adventure courses, we’re happy to share these experiences, and we’re heading into 2024 with renewed energy! 

About Inmanta:

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Kaleigh Downing October 3, 2023
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