Boost your network automation

Inmanta Connect is a turnkey network automation solution for intent-based and multi-vendor orchestration of your B2B and wholesale connectivity services, such as Ethernet, dedicated internet access (DIA) and xPON.

Faster time to market

Automate from day 1
  • Start instantly using our out-of-the-box service definitions in line with MEF
  • No need for coding or creating workflows. Define the product configs and you are ready to roll.
  • No customization required
Validate instantly through digital twin
  • Speed up testing using our fully automated virtual lab, including test suite
  • Run automated tests and upgrades in your own network with confidence
  • Adopt DevOps best practices using a CI/CD pipeline for automated testing and a smooth rollout of changes. 

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Enable true NaaS

 Deliver on demand in minutes

Efficiently deliver connectivity services on demand to your customers thanks to end-to-end automation across physical, virtual and cloud networks. Eliminate all human steps and ensure strong consistency across the network and inventory.

 Full service lifecycle management by design

Enable your customers to provision and manage services through a self-service portal or API. Inmanta Connect covers out-of-the-box the full service lifecycle, including provisioning, updating, healing, migration and decommissioning.

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 with Inmanta Connect

Deploy flexible & resilient networks 

Intelligent & intent-based

Intent-based orchestration ensures that the right configurations are applied across all networks. Inmanta generates dynamic graphs instead of you manually writing static workflows. It continuously ensures compliance of the network configuration with the 'intent' and triggers self-healing as needed.  

Customize as little or as much as you want

Easily configure the out-of-the-box service definitions through low code customization using YAML-based config and Jinja templates. More extensive customization is possible through the available extension points.

Vendor & technology agnostic

Inmanta Connect supports a multi-technology IP/MPLS core and major vendors like Cisco, Juniper, and Nokia out of the box. Need support for your preferred vendor or technology? Inmanta rapidly integrates with new equipment using its powerful framework.

Inventory flexibility

Inmanta Connect offers 3 options for resource inventory:

  • A simple built-in inventory
  • NetBox
  • External, 3rd party inventory system