Open-source Release 2019.3

September 9, 2019 by
Open-source Release 2019.3
Bart Vanbrabant

We have just released open-source version 2019.3 of the Inmanta Orchestrator.

The big change in this release consists of improved support for plugin-in extensions to the orchestrator. We have refactored and documented some of the internal mechanisms. For more information, consult the documentation.

The dashboard also has improved status reporting.

Towards administrators, the main change is the move of a single config file (/etc/inmanta/server.cfg) to a config folder (/etc/inmanta/inmanta.d). Config files are migrated automatically when updating the RPM. For additional information, consult the documentation.

Open-source Release 2019.3
Bart Vanbrabant September 9, 2019
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