Open-source Release 2019.1

March 11, 2019 by
Open-source Release 2019.1
Bart Vanbrabant

We have just released open-source version 2019.1 of the Inmanta Orchestrator.

The most exciting new feature is the separation of repairing the infrastructure and deploying changes. Up till now, both processes were always performed. This ensured that when a deploy finished, the entire infrastructure was in the desired state. Because the orchestrator verified the entire infrastructure for each change, even for small and isolated ones, it took longer for changes to become active.

In this release, we separated the repair and the deploy process, while still ensuring fast changes with the same resilience as before. The graph below clearly visualizes the impact of such incremental deploys on the performance. This release uses configuration defaults that make the Inmanta Orchestrator behave as before. In the next release, we will adapt the defaults to only deploy incremental changes and with a separate repair process in the background. 

This release also includes many improvements to progress reporting, the operational dashboard, logging and more.

The 2019.2 release of Inmanta’s open-source version is already becoming a major one:

  • Migrate from MongoDB to PostgreSQL;
  • Enable incremental deploys by default.
Open-source Release 2019.1
Bart Vanbrabant March 11, 2019
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