Minor Release: Inmanta Service Orchestrator 7.2

July 11, 2024 by
Kaleigh Downing

The sun's out, and so is the second minor release of the Inmanta Service Orchestrator 7 series! ☀️ This update arrives just in time for summer, bringing many performance improvements, new features and bug fixes to maintain a smooth and enjoyable experience! 

Streamlined service model management 

This release introduces improvements for writing and evaluating service models. We improved our modelling language to make it much easier to define complex north-bound APIs. Additionally, large deployments benefit from significant speed increases thanks to combined model compilations with partial compilation support in the north-bound API. These enhancements streamline service model creation and deployment, saving you valuable time and effort. 

Web Console improvements 

The following improvements to the Web Console simplify service instance management:  

  • A powerful JSON editor with validation and code completion empowers you to effortlessly create & modify service instances. 
  • Filtering your service inventory is now easier: – simply click on labels within the donut chart to refine your view.  
  • For added convenience, both names and IDs of service instances can now be easily copied and pasted. These features provide greater control over your service instances. 

These new features are demonstrated in the following demo 

Inmanta Service Orchestrator 7.2 also brings a bunch of behind-the-scenes operational improvements to make your overall experience even smoother, such as authentication handled by a reverse proxy and JWT

Want to see everything that's new? Head over to docs.inmanta.com for a comprehensive overview of everything this latest release has to offer. 

Kaleigh Downing July 11, 2024
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