Minor Release: Inmanta Service Orchestrator 7.1

April 12, 2024 by
Kaleigh Downing

Our first minor release of 2024, Inmanta Service Orchestrator 7.1, is available. This release contains many improvements and several new features. The key highlights of this release include:  

  • Graphical updates to our Web Console 
  • Built-in user authentication 
  • Arithmetic in the Inmanta DSL 
  • Significant performance enhancements across various API calls, enabling the orchestrator to scale even further. 

For a full changelog, see the documentation.  

Enriched user experience  

Two standout Web Console features highlighted in our latest major release blog 7.0 are now more prominently displayed in this minor release: 

1. Discovered resources and their state. 

Discovered resources in Inmanta Service Orchestrator

2. You can now inspect the status of all orders & each order item. 

Order overview in Inmanta Service Orchestrator

Authentication and authorization improvements 

We've introduced built-in user management, enabling you to establish authentication directly without relying on an external identity provider for the OIDC protocol. While this feature provides a simpler set up, we highly recommend using OIDC for seamless Single Sign-On (SSO) integration. Check out our documentation for a detailed guide on configuring this setup. We have introduced an initial user set up to ensure the Inmanta Service Orchestrator ships without a default password.  Additionally, the backend is now able to evaluate authorization claims for more fine-grained authorization.  

Model expressiveness 

The addition of arithmetic operator support in the Inmanta DSL empowers users to write more powerful, expressive, and efficient service models, ultimately leading to improved productivity.  

switch = 1 
peering_id = 10 

vlan_id = 1000*switch + 800 + peering_id 


Are you curious to see how these improvements can impact your orchestration experience?

Request a demo and explore how end-to-end orchestration from Inmanta can help you streamline your network and service operations. 

Kaleigh Downing April 12, 2024
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