Inmanta Team Building: Rain or Shine, We Thrive!

June 11, 2024 by
Kaleigh Downing

At the end of May, the international Inmanta team wrapped up our second team building event of 2024! Despite the chaotic weather, we never let the rain dampen our spirits. We had a fantastic time learning, collaborating, and, as always, getting a bit competitive. 

Hackathons and lightning talks 

Of course, no Inmanta event is complete without our staple innovation sessions and hackathons. One example was having all internal eyes on how to take the front end of our orchestrator to the next level (and improve user experience). We also now have a dedicated ops team to support our growth. One Hackathon that our CTO, Bart, prepared ended up blooming an insightful idea on how to optimize the performance of our YANG active adapters.  

Lightning talks are always diverse, sparking curiosity and expanding our knowledge horizons. These talks cover any topic from personal and professional passion. We learned about music theory, the Einstein telescope, drifting and much more.  

From rugby rookies to international foodies 

 Our resident Brit brought a touch of international flair by teaching us the fine art of rugby. The session was filled with curiosity as many of us were unfamiliar with the nuances of the game. There were some interesting interpretations of the rules as we tried to grasp the difference between a scrum and a ruck.  However, these moments of misunderstanding only added to the fun. 

This time around, we wanted to switch things up with our first-ever cooking workshop. While there were still opportunities to stretch our legs, the focus was on building new skills and mastering the art of quick communication. By some miracle, the kitchen escapades resulted in zero cuts, burns, or bruises – a minor victory! But the real reward came in the form of a mind-blowing culinary feast. We all enjoyed a delicious spread of international street food, some of which were new experiences. 

The week always goes by too fast. It's hard to believe that there are four months before our next adventure. In the meantime, we have some delicious new recipes (and maybe a few sore muscles from rugby!) to keep us going. Here's to another successful week! Don't forget to come back to see what we have in store for September. 


Kaleigh Downing June 11, 2024
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