Inmanta Service Orchestrator 6.4 Now Available

October 20, 2023 by
Kaleigh Downing

We have made numerous smaller usability improvements for the final release of Inmanta Service Orchestrator 6.4. These refinements enhance the platform’s overall user experience.

As we prepare for the future launch of version 7, it’s worth noting that Inmanta Service Orchestrator 6.4 represents the final minor update within the version 6 series.

The latest release includes a range of updates, including but not limited to the following:

  • You can now use cron-like expressions for the repair and deploy interval settings. Information regarding specific settings is available in the documentation.
  • Inmanta DSL now supports the “not in” operator alongside “in”.
  • We have enhanced the output of the compile and export commands, significantly improving the clarity of the results. Moreover, we’ve relocated many compiler debug statements to the trace log level, making the compile logs easier to read.
  • The response of lifecycle state transfers and custom event handlers is quicker due to improvement of the event delivery.
  • Bug fixed: In environments with a high rate of change, repairs could be preempted infinitely.
  • Environments with many resources and associated logs could take a long time to clear or delete. This has been addressed in this release. 
  • We’ve optimized the API endpoint for generating support archives to reduce memory usage for large archives.
  • You can now add annotations to entities and attributes/relations that are part of an LSM service definition. These annotations are available through the API. 

For detailed information on the changes, please refer to the comprehensive change log available in our documentation. Did you miss our previous release? Check out the updates from version 6.3.

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Kaleigh Downing October 20, 2023
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