Inmanta Recognized in Gartner Market Guide for Service Orchestration

October 20, 2023 by
Kaleigh Downing

Inmanta, the leading expert in service orchestration for telecom, is honored to be included in the Gartner Market Guide for CSP Service Design and Orchestration Solutions (SD&O).

This acknowledgement spotlights Inmanta’s commitment to empowering communication service providers (CSPs) to deliver true network as a service (NaaS). Inmanta enables them to rapidly deliver and efficiently manage connectivity services on a large scale, all the while enhancing flexibility and elevating their end-customer experience.

Telecom operators and CSPs find it challenging to deliver superb customer experience while dealing with complex, heterogeneous network infrastructure. Inmanta’s end-to-end, multi-domain service orchestrator uniquely combines the must-have capabilities to get service delivery and network operations right. Inmanta is a dedicated orchestration company. CSPs have the flexibility to choose turnkey solutions, complete DIY customization on a robust orchestration platform, or a hybrid approach. Additionally, Inmanta’s solutions, Connect and MPNO, cater to specific use cases. Inmanta Connect excels in streamlining underlay connectivity services, while Inmanta MPNO is tailored for scaling the deployment and management of mobile private networks.

Inmanta Connect and Inmanta MPNO offer even more defined solutions, and we invite you to schedule a demo.

“Inclusion in the 2023 Gartner Market Guide is a testament to our dedication to transformative service orchestration solutions and excellence in the telecom industry.” 
-  Stefan Walraven, CEO and Co-founder at Inmanta.

Key takeaways from the Gartner report:

The Gartner report enhances CSP decision-making for network product planning, design, fulfillment, and orchestration across diverse environments.

  • There is a growing emphasis on modernizing service orchestration to achieve operational and business goals like hyperautomation, NaaS and operational efficiency.
  • Many CSPs are struggling to strike a balance between increased financial accountability and the need for a forward-looking, business-oriented OSS. This balancing act drives the adoption of a more use-case driven approach to service design and orchestration.
  • The dominating requirements are multi-domain and end-to-end service orchestration, customer demands, and automation of service and network operations.

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About Inmanta

Inmanta is the leading expert in end-to-end service orchestration and recognized by Gartner as a 2022 Cool Vendor. Leading telecom and CSPs rely on Inmanta’s orchestration solutions to deliver mission-critical services, beef up their automation process, increase operational efficiency, and to guide them through their transformation journey. 

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Kaleigh Downing October 20, 2023
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