Introducing Inmanta Service Orchestrator Release 4.3.0

October 18, 2021 by
Introducing Inmanta Service Orchestrator Release 4.3.0
Bart Vanbrabant

Today we are pleased to announce the release of Inmanta Service Orchestrator, version 4.3.0.

In this article, we highlight some of the notable new features since release 4.2.0. The full changelog of the Inmanta Service Orchestrator release is available in our documentation (access to commercial documentation requires free registration) with all improvements, new features, and bug fixes.

Changes to the Web Console

The Web Console has received many significant improvements and provides access to the orchestration engine as well as the resource manager, producing better diagnostic capabilities from the Web Console.

Instance Creation

The Instance creation page has got an overhaul and extensively shows the required attributes alongside a brief documentation on each, making it less error-prone for our customers and users.

Compile Details View

Compile Details located under the Compile Reports page generates a more detailed and efficient status of the stages. It has also received a slicker look:

Resource View

The Web Console now shows resources with enriched information and readability also benefits from a better padding.

Resource Details View

Logs section of a resource detail allows us to define a time-frame filter, resize the output messages for better readability, and adds a copy button for more convenience.

The events are also color-coded to improve the perception of erroneous events.

Summary of the changes introduced in this release

Inmanta Service Orchestrator release 4.3.0 entails the following minor and major alterations:

  1. Added the resource manager and orchestration engine to the Web Console, providing better diagnostic capabilities without needing to navigate away from the Web Console.
  2. Improvements to the Inmanta Lifecycle Service Management (LSM):
    1. A much improved API for integrating inventory systems; and
    2. Improved support for updating LSM APIs, allowing more complex updates, for instance, updates on embedded entities.
  3. Many new API endpoints with paging and filtering support. This allows easier integration of external tools.
  4. Improved swagger schemas: more accurate and more compact, to allow easier integration of external tools.
  5. Many under-the-hood improvements to the Web Console to improve usability.

We are constantly improving the quality of our products to better suit the need of our users. Make sure to check our future posts for more feature announcements and technical subjects.

Introducing Inmanta Service Orchestrator Release 4.3.0
Bart Vanbrabant October 18, 2021
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